Lex Coulton is an author and teacher. In 2015, she was awarded the Literature Works First Page Prize for an extract of the manuscript which later becameĀ Falling Short (John Murray, June 2018), and in April 2016 she won the Thresholds international Feature Writing Prize for an essay about the experience of teaching Raymond Carver to recalcitrant public school boys. Extracts can be found on the Writing page. She was runner-up in the Fresher Writing Non-Fiction category in 2016, and her non-fiction has been published in the Fresher Writing Anthology and Shooter Lit magazine, whilst her short story High Jinks featured in the June print edition of the London Journal of Fiction, 2016.

After spending thirteen years teaching English in secondary schools, Lex completed the Master of Studies in Creative Writing at Oxford in 2014, and went on sabbatical to produceĀ Falling Short. She is now working on her second novel.